I-Lap Boat Transponders

G-Race Software is fully compatable with the I-Lap Boat transponder modules.

These modules can be handled in various ways to Identify a model.

The Battery Lead can be plugged into a 3rd channel on the receiver, or linked into a Y-lead installed between Rx and Servo.

Make a note of the Unique ID number on the transponder (good idea will be to write this on the back of your model's number board) as the software will need this ID to Identify your model.

Use a camera to test your IR transponder once installed (IR is not vissible to the naked eye).


Below is an example of what a working unit looks like:

Transponder with IR LED, and Battery terminal

Transponder installed in Radiobox, with IR LED exposed

Transponder Switched On and transmitting

Transponder with Unique ID number.

The sensors and decoder used on the bridge. Black box is self
contained Transponder with waterproof switch and 9 v Alkaline battery.

When using the transponder as per above make sure the unit is waterproof !!


Below is another solution done by Wennie Bester:

click to view



Some Questions and answers regarding the transponders and installation:

1.Can we run these IR LED transponders on 4.8 and/or 6 v ?

Answer: The transponders will run on 4 to 9 volts. The signal strength is however proportional to the voltage. I assume you are running 5 cell NiMh or 2 cell LiPo packs, which are ideal.

2.Would I be able to use those square 9 volt alkaline batteries as well ? just seems much easier than charging a bunch of batteries every time ?

Answer: A 9 volt should be fine. I don't know what the capacity it on those, but they should go at least a few hours. The only issue might be if they can supply the current for the LED. The pulses are very brief, but relatively high current. I don't expect a problem though.

3.My radio box lids are all made from clear (like glass) 1.5mm polycarbonate (Lexan), and I want to know if it will be ok for me to mount the LED of my transponder just underneath this polycarbonate lid on my outrigger ? The lid has nothing above it so the ‘vision’ of the LED towards the sensor will not be impaired by anything except the lid itself. The reason is obviously to best ensure that no water can reach any of this new equipment as my radio boxes are water-tight.

Answer: I've never used lexan that thick, but I don't expect it would be a problem. If you do see different performance versus one without it, you could always mount it into the lid and seal it up well, but I'd try it inside first.

4.Can I add an 8 inch extension lead to the power-lead that comes off the transponder? i.e., the existing lead is too short to reach the receiver from where I would ideally like to place the transponder in my F1 tunnel boat.

Answer:Yes, you can extend the power wire into the transponder. Be sure to use at least the same gage wire (22), not some thin cheap one. If a good extension is not readily available, cut and splice to extend the existing wire with good wire.


Please contact Gerald or Cobus if you have any further questions.

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